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Course Outlines:
  • Introduction to The GInI Certified Innovation Professional (CInP)®
  • Course objective and structure
  • Standard and regulatory framework
  •  Foundational innovation methods and tools

The GInI Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCInO)® is GInI’s recognition of senior business leaders who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of key topics relating to enterprise innovation, innovation groups, innovation strategy, innovation spaces, management & workplace innovation, and other leading innovation practices.

CCInO certification affirms the individual’s proficiency at executive-level innovation practices and methods, including such practices and methods as:  strategic innovation portfolios, the GInI Strategic Innovation Roadmap, enterprise innovation programs, the GInI Enterprise Innovation Architecture, management innovation, workplace innovation, the GInI Experiential Human Innovation Framework, innovation group design, innovation space design, outcome-driven innovation, discovery-driven innovation, and innovation maturity.

Benefits of Becoming a CCInO
Become a Strategic Innovation Thinker
You will develop the ability to see innovation as a tool of strategy for advancing the relevance, growth and resilience of your business. You will furthermore develop the ability to guide your organization strategically in defining and pursuing a specific course for innovation. As part of this, you will be able to examine the many options for an innovation portfolio and from these select those that balance the short-term, medium-term, and long-term needs of the organization.

Become the Driving Force for Ever Improving Innovation Capabilities
You will develop an understanding of the different levels of innovation maturity for organizations, how that each level brings with it certain capabilities, and how the role of the CInO is very different in each case. You will understand what you must do to continue advancing your organization’s collective innovation capabilities so as to become increasingly capable of leading its markets and defining entirely new markets.

Become a Force for Engagement and Change
You will learn how to engage your entire organization in the pursuit of innovation and how to reap the many paybacks that come from this. You will also learn how to incorporate and manage the insights and ideas of all your stakeholders in defining the many possible new paths forward, as well as how to deliver on those with the greatest potential impact.

Become a Champion of the Innovation Engine
You will understand how the many pieces of the innovation ecosystem work together to deliver the greatest impact to the business. You will also understand the many tools and methods available for empowering innovation work in the organization. You will learn how to establish and use special teams and innovation spaces to drive very focused and purpose-driven innovation work.

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