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The Power Of Innovation

In a years of helping organizations develop their innovation capabilities, we’ve seen a lot of the good, the bad, and ugly.  Countless stories could be told about those organizations who “get” innovation and those who don’t.  The one thing that always rings true of the organizations who get innovation is that they understand there is no one, single right way for pursuing innovation, and that there is no simple magic bullet that is going to make them innovative overnight.  They understand that innovation is a journey… one best traveled with a large dose of humility and patience.  This is how we tell the ones who get innovation from the ones who don’t – they bring this level of humility and patience to the table.

Along with this, they also understand that there are many good models for innovation leadership and governance, and that no one particular formula works for every organization and every situation.  They understand that each organization has to find its own way in this journey to arrive at the model of innovation leadership and governance that works best for its situation… its industry… its markets… its strengths… and its ultimate long-term goals.

Perhaps this raises the question, then, of – if this is the case, how is an organization to go about beginning on this journey? – particularly an organization that is just starting out and has not yet developed a sense of orientation to the landscape of innovation.  This is a fundamentally great and valid question, to which I will offer the following answer.

The way to begin this journey is to put several of your most well-respected and intelligent business leaders in charge of the innovation effort and then to provide them with the executive training they need to properly understand the foundations of innovation strategy, innovation governance, and innovation leadership.  Furthermore, in order to ensure that the training is of the appropriate caliber and that these leaders have developed adequate mastery of the concepts, it is highly beneficial to have these leaders obtain demonstration-based certification in these subjects.




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