What is Committed to Excellence?

Create Passion and Commitment

Committed to Excellence is developed to introduce you and your organisation to business excellence. This action-based learning experience focuses on identifying, prioritising and implementing improvement projects, whilst involving your team.

Why Committed to Excellence?

EFQM’s Committed to Excellence helps you introduce an excellence initiative into your organisation and deliver improved results.

Action–based learning project that takes place over 6-9 months and entails identifying, prioritising and implementing improvement projects using the EFQM Excellence Model and RADAR logic.

What are the steps for achieving Committed to Excellence?

First: we support you in the conduct of a simple Self-Assessment against the EFQM Excellence Model, from which you will define and execute your organisational improvement projects.

Second stage: an independent EFQM validator reviews your projects and provides structured feedback.

What is in for you?
  • Involve staff members to improve your organisation’s performance.
  • Identify improvement projects & benefit from action oriented feedback.
  • Provide you with an independent validation and internationally recognised certification.
  • Embark on an improvement journey and start to develop a culture of excellence.
Who can apply?
  • Any organisation or business unit can apply at any time, regardless of their location, size or sector.
  • The Committed to Excellence Programme is a simple & easy step for organisations or units who are just beginning to explore ways to improve their business approach.
What is the outcome of Committed to Excellence?
  • Independent Feedback report
  • A summary of the applicant’s performance
  • An overview of re-occurring themes that will deserve management attention
  • Key strengths and areas for improvement identified during the process
Recommendations for next steps


This accreditation will be valid for 2 years. You will benefit from:

The use of the Committed to Excellence logo in your commercial and promotional documents

Visibility through

  • EFQMs database on EFQM website
  • EFQMs newsletter
  • EFQMs recognition book

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