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Certified Innovative Assessment

The Certified Innovative Organization is a certification reserved exclusively for businesses and government agencies. Through a process of third-party assessment (audit), the CInOrg establishes that your organization has achieved and demonstrated a certain level of maturity and capability for pursuing short, medium, and long term innovation and growth. This distinguishes your organization among its peers and competitors as being capable of delivering next-generation value and market-leading customer experiences to its markets. There are three levels of CInOrg certification, corresponding to increasing levels of innovation maturity and capability.

These are (in order of least to most capable):

  1. Originator
  2. Champion
  3. Leader

What Organizations Should Apply?

Any organization – whether for-profit business, nonprofit institution, or government agency – that depends on using innovation to pursue strategic aims such as growth, market leadership, and customer satisfaction will benefit from this certification and should apply.

  1. Manufacturing Companies – High Tech, Hardgoods, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, etc.
  2. Service Organizations – Banking, Finance, Insurance, Hospitality, Travel, etc.
  3. Nonprofit Institutions – Schools & Universities, Research Institutes, Libraries, Hospitals, etc.
  4. Government Agencies – Economic Development, Infrastructure, Transportation, Utilities, Social Welfare, etc.
Major Benefits of Becoming a Certified Innovative Organization

Become a More Progressive, Forward – Thinking Organization 
Your organization will become increasingly progressive and forward-thinking as it pursues market leadership through innovation. By focusing on delivering next generation solutions and experiences that connect deeply with its markets, it will develop a sense of purpose in the organization and a strong engagement with the marketplace.

Ensure Your Organization’s Ongoing Relevance and Long-Term Resilience
Your organization will learn how to develop and drive the best mix of short, medium, and long-term innovations to ensure its ongoing relevance in the marketplace and its long-term resilience to the inevitable changes occurring in the world around us. It will come to understand the importance of pursuing long-term growth to retain its position as a market leader.

Develop the Capability to Drive Innovation Strategically Throughout Your Organization
Your organization will learn how to pursue innovation strategically, as well as how to develop and implement an innovation strategy that supports its broader business strategy. It will learn how to leverage both internal and external insights and capabilities to ensure it consistently delivers relevant and impactful value to its markets.

Show the World Your Commitment to Innovation and Progress
Wear your organization’s certificate proudly as an emblem of its commitment to innovation and progress, and use this as an effective marketing tool to reinforce a message of relevance and market leadership.

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